Concrete, Rockport & Marblemount, WA + Up-River

Concrete, Rockport, and Marblemount are the larger towns in the Washington area up-river (the Skagit River) from Sedro-Woolley. and considered to be the “up-river” area by locals. This great area boasts a higher elevation with lakes and rivers, perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, skiing, mountain biking, and more. The views are breathtaking, and the activities unlimited! This area is a haven for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors! There are usually a small number of homes, some amount of vacant land, and an occasional business investment available to purchase. The further up-river you travel, prices are generally more reasonable, and there are always a few incredible “buys” of mini-estates available in this area!

Concrete, Washington is the home of the annual Eagle Festival and visited by many “birders”. The cities of Cement City & Baker merged in 1909, thus the iconic name. It is quite quaint, with a strong feeling of “the past” – Main Street is what every small town main street used to look like, with the normal variety of stores and businesses, plus there is even a movie theatre, which is still operating. The Concrete Airport hosts events, and more modern touches are a pizza place, and an excellent “gluten-free” bakery/restaurant! Nearby, just out of town are several excellent camping venues, and also a winery with a tasting room! Variety is the spice of life here!

Rockport and Marblemount are both smaller but do have the necessary amount of businesses to sustain residents, visitors, and travelers. Rockport is the center of the Eagle Festival for four weekends every January and the home of the Skagit River Bald Eagle Interpretive Center. Marblemount is the spot to begin hiking, climbing, rafting, kayaking, canoeing and all-mountain adventures! The smaller towns of Lyman, Hamilton, and Birdsview each offer individual personalities, parks, and events. Each of them has unique public attractions, food sources and libation locations. Newhalem and Diablo, within the North Cascades National Park, attract tourists and anglers with scenic boat tours and a ferry on Diablo Lake.