Skagit County

Skagit County, also known as Skagit Valley, is located in the northwestern section of Washington State, USA, one hour north of Seattle, a ½ hour south of Bellingham, and slightly over one hour south of the Canadian Border. With historic moderate all-year weather (many years of no snow), Skagit is a great place to call “home”, and own real estate – homes, condominiums, vacant land, commercial or investment property – ranging from home sites to farmland to recreational to waterfront. The jagged Cascade Mountain Range bordering the eastern county line looks westward to a fertile Skagit Valley, which annually produces a wide variety of agricultural crops. Meandering through the Skagit Valley is the mighty Skagit River, which flows toward the breathtaking Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands. Flocks of Canadian Geese, Snow Geese, and Trumpeter Swans can be seen grazing here during the winter months. Impressive Bald Eagles fly overhead year-round throughout the County and Great Blue Heron wade along the shorelines of the area.


A plethora of world-famous tulip fields blanket the Skagit Valley every spring bringing visitors from around the world for the annual Mount Vernon-based Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. A variety of unique festivals are held annually by each of the larger cities, which also attract enthusiasts and tourists. Water sports and hobbies vie with mountain and snow activities, depending on the season. The Medical community has always been “cutting-edge” and all-encompassing of many areas of specialty. Cultural activities abound with an agenda of Symphony, Opera, Theatre and Dance performances, in addition to ethnic offerings. Choose between all styles of dining, from the elite waterfront to casual drive-thru restaurants. Food choices from “big chain” grocery stores to weekly seasonal Farmers Markets! Mall shopping to small-town locally owned shops. From “big city” vibes to small-town comfort and privacy, Skagit Valley offers it all!  Please let me be your guide!